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Careflex specialist seating at the Belfast Trust seating awareness day

Our Careflex Product Specialist, Dan Toner and Wheelchair Specialist attended the Seating Awareness Day held by the Belfast Trust at Knockbracken Hall last Friday.

Our Product Specialist’s showcased our range of specialist seating from Careflex and Configura and the Protac Sensit Chair.

Check out full product features below or shop our full range of specialist seating here.

Are you an OT and would like to learn more about our range of specialist seating?

Our Specialist Seating expert, Dan Toner, offers assessments and demonstrations in conjunction with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to ensure that the seat is suitable for the client and their unique needs.

Our team have been trained to the highest industry standards and regularly undertake intensive product training.

We have been a family business since 1846 so celebrate 170 years in business this year and are a registered supplier to both the NHS and HSE.

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Specialist seating in Northern Ireland

Careflex HydroCare Chair

Careflex hydrocare northern ireland tel 028 92 67 70 77

The Careflex Hydrocare chair offers a host of features and includes Careflex’s patented Watercell technology to provide the best possible levels of pressure relief and comfort

The Hydrocare chair is aimed at the following client groups

·          Sedentary EMI
·          Frail Elderly
·          Early stage HD
·          Palliative care
·          Parkinsons Disease
·          Cardiovascular conditions
·          Osteoporosis
·          Rheumatoid Arthritis
·          Environments
·          EMI wards
·          Residential care

Key Features

·          Seat depth adjustment
·          Three seat angle options (10, 15, 20 degree)
·          Interchangeable back options  Flat, Contoured and Waterfall
·          Nine combinations of seat width/height
·          Integral CareFlex Watercell Technology pressure relief in seat as standard
·          Simple, gas action controlled Back Angle Recline (BAR)
·          Integral sliding footplate as standard
·          Low profile, twin wheel braked castors for ease of portering
·          Fixed wipeable vinyl covers with 2 way stretch vapour permeable fabric on backrest and seat cushion

Careflex HydroTilt chair

Hydrotilt chair Belfast Tel 028 92 67 70 77

The Hydrotilt is modular in design ensuring it can easily be tailored to the individual’s needs without the needs for custom made solutions every time.

Careflex’s unique saddle armrest design enables the clinician to adjust the width of the chair to suit the user by simply fitting wider or narrower armpads.

The back support can also be easily changed to suit the user as the backrest cushion simply attaches to the frame with velcro.

A choice of flat backrest, contoured backrest and waterfall backrest cushions is available.

Careflex SmartSeat

smartseat northern ireland

What sets the SmartSeat apart from others in the industry?

  • Fully adjustable seat depth controlled by a high quality sliding mechanism which is so smooth it can be operated with one hand
  • Adjustable Seat height is a critical feature which should be identified on assessment but can be adjusted on site by one of our Product Specialists
  • A total of 110cm seat width adjustment is available as standard.  It can be adjusted evenly or off set to cope with assymetric postures.  This can be controlled completley on site making it fantastic for multi-user environments
  • The unique legrest elevation lifts the legrest from 80 degrees to 170 degress and extends to support the lower leg to the heel throughout.  Available in manual or motorised
  • The back has three sections for support the lumbar area, mid back and upper back.  THe lumbar section is curved and the middle section can be changed to either flat or contoured
  • Manually or motorised Tilt-in-Space action from 8 degress to 30 degrees.
  • Fully removable covers makes cleaning easier and addresses infection control issues
  • Four fully braked castors as standard to stabilise the chair during transfer

Careflex SmartSeatPro


SmartSeatPro is the brand new level 4 specialist seating system from Careflex which has evolved from the standard SmartSeat system sharing the same chasis and seat system but with a brand new design of backrest designed to accomodate users with complex needs such as lordosis, scoliosis and kyphosis of the spinal column.

SmartSeatPro is available in both Adult and child sizes to suit all ages and both models are fully width and depth adjustable.

The unique, multi-adjustable back has three upper back-rest components which can be altered in height, depth, angle, offset and rotation, to suit a user’s needs.

Each of these upper elements include built-in adjustable wings which can be individually positioned to contour the seat back to the user’s shape We offer a free no obligation trial service at home, in hospital and in care homes throughout Ireland and Scotland.

Configura seating

Configura rise and recline chair

Configura rise and recline chair

The Configura chair is a highly configuarble, electric rise and recline armchair.   Its modular design enables the therapist to prescribe a bespoke system without the expense of a traditional made measure system.

The Configura can easily be modified if the user’s needs change.   Options include a choice of interchangeable backrest cushions and lateral supports, interchangeable pressure relieving cushion modules,seat height and depth adjustors, legrest laterals and armrest height adjustment.

A choice of single or dual motor options give the Therapist further choice.

Choice of hardwearing pvc vinyl or velour fabric with 2 way stretch materail fitted as standard on the seat and legrest.

Protac Sensit Chair


Protac SenSit is a sensory-stimulating chair that provides a sense of security and calm and increased levels of concentration among users. Children, adults and the elderly suffering from mental and physical restlessness can benefit from Protac SenSit.

The chair is filled with balls in the seat and back and in the special neck and side wings. These wings can be placed around the body as required, enveloping and calming the user.

Protac SenSit has countless applications, and is today found in many nursuries, schools, psychiatric departments, hospitals, private homes, waiting rooms, sensory rooms, and treatment and therapy rooms.

Protac SenSit can be used for ordinary relaxation when the user is watching TV or sitting with a computer.

For restless children, the chair helps them to concentrate when doing their homework or playing games which demand their full attention.

In nurseries and schools, Protac SenSit can be a time-out for children during a busy school day, while chairs placed in psychiatric departments and day care facilities for adults with developmental disorders provide a ‘safe refuge’ in communal areas for patients and users who find it difficult to be surrounded by lots of people.

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