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We offer an excellent range of Paediatric specialist seating suitable for children who require postural / seating support.

Check out the range of standing aids from the highly regarded manufacturer, Akces Med. We offer FREE delivery to anywhere in the UK and Ireland.


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Jumbo positioning chair


The Jumbo chair is basic in terms of design but offers great features, the chair has tilt facility and back angle recline. Also offering great postural support.

A stable and safe chair designed to ensure you child has correct posture and upright seating position.

Available in 3 sizes and has a wide range of optional accessories depending on the child’s individual needs.

Equipment Included:

    • Frame with castors and breaks
    • Foot rest with feet stabilizing belts
    • Seat and seat cushion
    • Abduction block
    • Backrest and backrest cushion
    • Independently adjustable pelvic and chest supports
    • Vest
Measurement Unit Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
 A Seat width [cm] 35 39 46
L Seat depth [cm] 13-31 19-38 29-54
L1 Seat depth to the abduction block [cm] 0-24 3-29 8-45
C Back rest height [cm] 34 38 55
E Back rest width [cm] 17-27 22-32 22-35
F Foot length adjustment [cm] 18-35 24-45 28-45
Footplate length [cm] 19 25 26
Z Seat tilt angle [°] 10 10 10
X Backrest tilt angle [°] 90-110 90-110 90-110
Maximum user weight [kg] 30 45 75

Nook Rehabilitation Chair


The Nook is a corner rehabilitation chair which helps children and young people to adopt the correct sitting position with upright legs.

It enforces the correct alignment of hips. It is recommended as the first therapeutic chair.

Equipped with ergonomic pelottes and abduction block with pelvic belt to make the child feel secure but also control the correct posture.

The Nook grows with your child with the vast array of adjustments available.

There are 3 sizes suitable for children from 6 months to 12 years.

Lightweight and small – easy to transport and store.

Standard equipment:

    • Base
    • Chest Support
    • Pelvic support
    • Removable abduction block
    • Comfortable seat
    • Size 3 only has castors with brakes.
Optional accessories: 
    • Tray
    • Tray for non verbal communication
    • Soft cover for tray
    • Adjustable headrest
    • Headrest cotton cover
    • Extended headrest
    • Castors with brakes
    • JOY table

Size charts

Symbol Measurement Unit Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
A Seat width  [cm] 50 56  67
B Seat depth  [cm] 29 32 41
C Back rest height  [cm] 33-41 47-58 51-66
E Pelvic supports width  [cm] 26 30 36
E1 Chest supports width  [cm] 26 30 40
K Seat depth to the abduction block  [cm] 12-22 14-24 25-35
Maximum user weight  [kg] 25 35 50
Indicative user height* [cm] <120 <160 <180

Dalmatian Invento Multifunctional Chair

The Dalmatian chair is a multifunctional device – that can be used as postural seating system but this clever chair can also turn into a supine or upright stander. Without the need to transfer out of the chair.

Standard equipment

    • Frame with castors equipped with brakes
    • Pneumatic spring
    • Deep adjustable seat
    • Removable and adjustable abduction block
    • Knee support
    • Backrest
    • Hold&pull vest and pelvic belt
    • Chest suport (size 1, 2)
    • Independently adjustable pelvic and chest support (size 3)
    • Head-rest
    • Forearm supports
    • Tray
    • Independently adjustable footrest
    • Innovative quadric mechanism
MEASUREMENT                                                            UNIT     SIZE 1           SIZE 2        SIZE 3
 A Seat width [cm] 33 36 45
 B Seat depth [cm] 17-26 20-31 28-44
 C Backrest height [cm] 28 35 47
 D Headrest height [cm] 40-60 47-71 54-77
 E Backrest width [cm] 16-22 18-26 18-32
 F Footrests length [cm] 18-37 18-40 18-51
Knee supports spacing [cm] 18-26 21-29 25-37
Knee supports height [cm] 19-46 28-51 19-58
Footplate length [cm] 19 22 25
 L1 Abduction block adjustment (from backrest) [cm] 5-19 7-25 7-30
Tray height [cm] 67-80 74-97 95-112,5
Stander tilt angle [°] 0-85 0-85 0-85
Tray tilt angle [°] 67-80 74-97 95-112,5
Backrest tilt angle [°] 0-90 0-90 0-90
Footrests tilt angle [°] 0-90 0-90 0-90
Maximum user weight [kg] 25 45 60

Careflex SmartSeatPro Paediatric seating


SmartSeatPro Small is the brand new level 4 paediatric specialist seating system from Careflex which has evolved from the standard SmartSeat system sharing the same chasis and seat system but with a brand new design of backrest designed to accomodate children with complex needs such as lordosis, scoliosis and kyphosis of the spinal column.

SmartSeatPro is available in both Adult and child sizes to suit all ages and both models are fully width and depth adjustable.

The unique, multi-adjustable back has three upper back-rest components which can be altered in height, depth, angle, offset and rotation, to suit a user’s needs. Each of these upper elements include built-in adjustable wings which can be individually positioned to contour the seat back to the user’s shape

We offer a free no obligation trial service at home, in hospital and in care homes throughout Ireland and Scotland and regions of England. Please contact us to book a demonstration.

Standard Features

  • Multi Adjustable wrap around backrest
  • Adjustable Seat Width
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Configurable Seat Height
  • Integral Removable High Risk Pressure Relieving Cushion
  • 5 Year Frame Warranty
  • Adjustable Head & Shoulder Support
  • Tilt in Space
  • Back Angle Recline
  • Removable Arms for side transfers
  • Back Height Adjustment
  • Mild Lateral Supports
  • Full width, independently elevating, length adjustable floating legrest
  • Integral, stowable, angle adjustable foot rest
  • 4 fully braked castors
  • Advanced materials
Size Options
  • Small: Internal Seat Width: 280 – 400mm
  • Medium: Internal Seat Width: 380 – 500mm
  • Small: Maximum User Weight 100kg
  • Medium: Maximum User Weight 160kg

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