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The all terrain rollator – Trionic Veloped Sport is the ideal off road rollator for exercise.

  • Are you looking to get out and about this summer?
  • Do you want to improve your fitness?
  • Do you want to explore the outdoors?

Whatever the terrain, the veloped sport rollator from Trionic makes it possible to exercise on grass, forest parks and uneven terrain.

The ideal rollator for those who require a walking aid but want to get out and about as much as possible.

What makes the Veloped Sport unique as a training device?

With age our body is not as forgiving as when we were younger. Our wish to exercise might be prevented by knee problems, back pain, week ankles or overweight, or simply just by getting a bit older.

This product has been designed with exactly this in mind!

This Sport Rollator from Trionic comes with 36 inch wheels with pressured tyres, height adjustable push handles, ergonomic grips, a comfortable seat and basket and much more amazing features as standard.

Want to test drive the veloped sport rollator? You can visit our showroom in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and see it for yourself.. Find out full info and spec below or shop our range of all-terrain rollators here. 

Trionic Veloped Sport Rollator Medium 36cm wheels


£860.00 ex VAT

Trionic Veloped Rollator – Sport Model, Medium brand new stock in excellent condition.

Size guide:

36cm wheels – Medium Sport model has a grip height range of 77 to 97cm

Colours available:

– navy / red / white

What is included as standard with this model?

– Appropiate sized wheels with air pressured tyres

– Ergon grips size large

– 36cm wheels have Innova IA-2004 tyres

– Seat and basket

This product can be used by someone with a maximum weight of up to 150kg.

A Veloped comes with the following features:
• Trionic Climbing Wheel – with climbing/suspension function.
• Dual-Mode adjustability for off-road or city-use.
• Ergonomic gripbar that doubles as a back support when seated.
• Motion and parking hub-brake.
• 2-step folding mechanism.
• Detachable wheels with quick-releases.
• Water-repellent and exchangeable textile accessories, through the use of push buttons, velcro and/or buckles.

If you lead an active lifestyle – the Veloped is your premier choice. With its innovative and awarded design the Veloped is a state-of-the-art product when it comes to walking support.

Technical facts
Measurements: Medium Sport Rollator

Grip height 75-94 cm

Body height 150-188 cm

Length 102 cm

Width 76 cm

Wheel size 31 cm (12”)

Seat height 58 cm

Seat width 44 cm

Measurements – folded
Height 75 cm
Length 106 cm
Width 42 cm

Measurements – folded w. detached wheels
Height 59 cm
Length 84 cm
Width 42 cm

Weight w/o wheels & bags
Weight 7,2 kg

User weight
Max 150 kg

Veloped Sport 12,3 kg

The Veloped is tested and fully approved according to ISO 11199-2:2005, the relevant standard for rollators.







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