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Are you looking a Wheelchair Bike for you or a family member this summer?

We offer a wide range of all inclusive cycling equipment for Adults and children including special needs trikes, recumbent handcycles, Tandem cycles, Wheelchair attachment hand cycles and Wheelchair bikes.

We supply the new updated models of wheelchairs bikes from Van Raam including:

Velo Plus Wheelchair Transport – designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle.

Opair Wheelchair Bike – equipped with a suspension wheelchair mounted on the front side of the wheelchair bike.

Make the most of family days out – these wheelchair bikes ensure everybody can enjoy the great outdoors no matter their disability!

For more information get in touch with a Product Specialist on 028 92 677 077 and our expert team will be delighted to help.

You can find product details below or shop the full range of disability cycling equipment here.

Van Raam Opair Wheelchair Bike


The OPair is a wheelchair bike was designed to make it possible to transport a wheelchair user.

Equipped with a suspension wheelchair mounted on the front side of the bike. The rider has a good view of and can watch over the passenger from behind.

The front part can easily be disconnected from the cycle part in the detachable variant so that it can be used as an independent wheelchair anywhere.

Choose from a wide range of options. The wheelchairbike can be completely customised to the users uniques needs and preferences – Even a separate seating can be mounted on the cycle.

The gradually sloping front wheels give the cycle extra comfort and stability while riding.

You can choose the optional electric engine for power assistance.

Key Features: 

    • Smooth running
    • Easy to disassemble for transportation
    • Good passenger contact
    • Safe Design
    • modern styling
    • Wide range of accessories
    • Highly Adjustable








Van Raam Velo Plus Bike


The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle.

The passenger is not required to be transferred between the wheelchair and the cycle.

VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike lets the wheelchair user to be wheeled on to the plateau of the cycle easily without having to be lifted.

Equipped with a tilted ramp making it easy to roll the wheelchair on to the bike and fasten it properly with the wheelchair lock.

This bike is custom built to the users unique needs and preferences. You choose everything from our wide range of options including whether you would like the electric engine power assist etc.

Suitable for any wheelchair up to 74 cm in width.

Key Features: 

  • Smooth running
  • Accommodates almost any wheelchair
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Good contact with passenger
  • Modern design
  • Multiple options
  • Highly Adjustable








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