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ZX-1 Power Add on, RGK Tiga FX wheelchair and RGK frontwheel the perfect companions to fit into the boot of a small car. 

Have a look at the video and pictures below for yourself to see how compact these 3 pieces of kit can be! Perfect for those who love to get out and about.

The ideal choice for someone looking a manual lightweight, folding wheelchair with a powerful power add on that is easy to attach and detach so you can enjoy best of both worlds.

You can get in touch and book an assessment on our range of bespoke RGK wheelchairs and power attachments with our product specialists.

Our RGK and Active Wheelchair Specialist Stafford Lynn will make sure you get the best wheelchair for your needs and lifestyles.

Our Wheelchair Power Add on Specialist, Danny Anderson will you find the best power attachment to fit your wheelchair and your unique needs.

You can check out our full range of RGK wheelchairs here


If you are looking to turn you manual chair into a powered chair check out the amazing range here.

We celebrated 170 years as a family business this year and we are ISO 9001 accredited and a member of the BHTA – you are in good hands.





ZX-1 Power Add on Installation onto the RGK Tiga Fx



ZX-1 wheelchair power add-on, RGK Tiga FX fit in the boot of small car



ZX-1 Power add-on from Spinergy


The ZX-1 Power add-on from Spinergy allows you to extend your freedom and be more active!

– Controlled by a simple joystick

– Speed of 4mph

– Fits width of 15-20″ and rear wheel sizes of 24″, 25″, and 26″.

– Comfortable arm pads

RGK Tiga FX Wheelchair

RGK’s Tiga FX is a completely bespoke ultra-light weight folding wheelchair which is tailored to your unique requirements, offering exceptional energy efficiency with eye-catching design.  
Tiga FX offers all the benefits of a rigid frame chair with the flexibility of a folding chair.

RGK FrontWheel All Terrain Wheelchair Add-On


RGK’s FrontWheel All Terrain Wheelchair Add-On was designed to improve your way of living. 

  • Very compact and easy to fit and remove in seconds even with one hand
  • Your castor wheels remain clear of the ground at all times, even when wheeling backward for smooth travel
  • Robust 3 point connection to main frame and footrest for added strength
  • Fits to chair frame via mounting clamps
  • Width of footrest is unaffected
  • No need to move feet during installation
  • Locks up and down for when both in use and not in use

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