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special needs toy show kildare 2016

Our Paediatric Specialist, Gary Allen, will be attending the Special Needs Toy and Equipment Exhibition 2016 in Kildare, Ireland on Sunday 13th November.

Showcasing a selection of our paediatric equipment designed to suit the needs of all children with special needs and disabilities.

Our Paediatric Specialist will be delighted to help answer questions from parents and carers and can offer assessments and demonstrations by request. You can contact Gary Allen at [email protected]

See below, a selection of featured products that will be on display at the SN Toy Show, 2016.

Further to this selection we have an extensive range of toys and equipment available for children with mild to complex special needs.

You can shop our full range here or call 028 92 67 70 77 and speak with an expert today.

Tomcat Sunfly Trailerchair


Sunfly trailerchair is an innovative product from Tomcat!

Sunfly easily converts from a sleeping or feeding chair to a wheelchair to a bicycle trailer and even to a ski chair, in just seconds.

The perfect product for those families who love to travel and are frequently on the go!


  • Transportable in custom bags or flightcase
  • 360 degree swivel seat feature
  • Can ride forwards or backwards!
  • Seat the rider from left, right, front or back
  • Full seat “tilt in space” feature in any position
  • Sunfly accepts lsofix Car seats and most specialised or customised seating systems
  • Sunfly’s versatility means your whole family can enjoy
  • Trailer Brake
  • Automatic trailer braking
  • Folding trailer bar
  • Universal towing hitch
  • Easy assembly – from suitcase to cycling in 60 seconds!!
  • Most “customised” or “generic” special needs seating systems can be used with Sunfly.

Tomcat Science Chair

special needs seating

Tomcat Science Chair was designed to for children with a wide range of special needs and disabilities.

Ideal for pupils in education this work-chair is designed to enable the child to sit independently.

Tomcat received the DTI SMART Award for technical innovation of the Science Chair.


  • Height and depth adjustable backrest to suit all users between 80 – 190cm. Enables the child to sit at various heights (workbench, table high/low desks)
  • Backrest comes with tilt mechanism or swan neck bracket for children with restricted growth conditions.
  • Enables your child to maintain the correct postural position throughout the day
  • The child can sit independently – little or no care assistance required except for set up
  • Lateral adjustable arms offer pelvic support and good grip for getting on and off the chair
  • 90º swivel seat
  • Adjustable footrest 20 – 42cm.
  • Footrest equipped with anti-slip material
  • Innovative sidestepper backrest system allows the child to sit very close to the table if required

Protac Sensit Chair

sensit chair

Protac SenSit is a sensory-stimulating chair that provides a sense of security and calm and increased levels of concentration among users.

Children, adults and the elderly suffering from mental and physical restlessness can benefit from Protac SenSit.

The chair is filled with balls in the seat and back and in the special neck and side wings.

These wings can be placed around the body as required, enveloping and calming the user.

Careflex Smart Seat Pro

special needs seating

SmartSeatPro Small is the brand new level 4 pediatric specialist seating system from Careflex which has evolved from the standard SmartSeat system sharing the same chasis and seat system but with a brand new design of backrest designed to accomodate children with complex special needs.


  • Multi Adjustable wrap around backrest
  • Adjustable Seat Width/Depth
  • Configurable Seat Height
  • Integral Removable High Risk Pressure Relieving Cushion
  • 5 Year Frame Warranty
  • Adjustable Head & Shoulder Support
  • Tilt in Space
  • Back Angle Recline
  • Removable Arms for side transfers
  • Back Height Adjustment
  • Mild Lateral Supports
  • Full width, independently elevating, length adjustable floating legrest
  • Integral, stowable, angle adjustable foot rest
  • 4 fully braked castors
  • Advanced materials

Mulholland Walkabout Gait Trainer


The Walkabout Gait Trainer is a handsfree, open front posterior walker suitable for children from 2 – 5 years old.

Equipped with posterior pads and the anterior support provided by the swing-away thoracic support are a significant help in getting young children to take their first steps.

Available in 2 sizes with a range of accessories to suit your childs individual needs.


  • Hands free
  • Open front design Posterior walker
  • Capacity to tilt
  • Anterior head support
  • Active Spring System assists with elevation to allow for proper “swing-through.”
  • Moves easily on most surfaces and is easy to transport.

Mulholland Omni Standing Frame


Mulholland Omni Standing Frame is designed to provide support for the upper body, knees, ankles and pelvis for those children who require standing aid.

It can be adjusted from prone – supine – vertical position to ensure precise control.


  • Designed to enable your child to stand up independently with complete postural control.
  • Supports your childs upper body, pelvis, knees and ankles
  • Optional Mobility Kit is available which includes large wheels that enable your child to move giving them confidence and complete independence.
  • The stander can be easily taken apart for storage and when travelling
  • Available in 2 sizes: Toddler and Youth.

Tom 5 Streeter special needs buggy from Vida


Tom 5 Streeter special needs buggy from Vida was designed with the user and carer in mind.

Suitable for children with mild to complex needs.

Allows for a full range of movement, includes a detachable reversible seat to allow for front and rear facing travel.


  • Made from lightweight materials yet very durable and robust
  • Detachable reversible seat for front and rear facing travel
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest – the Tom 5 Streeter grows with your child.
  • Seat depth and width adjustments for postural support
  • Fully reclining backrest and lateral supports to ensure maximum comfort when your child is lying down.
  • Foldable, compact design allows for easy travelling and storage in your home
  • Max capacity weight of up to 50kg
  • Comfortable, adjustable push handle bar
  • Lateral support headrest
  • Equipped with shock absorbers for smooth travel even on rough terrain.
  • 3 sizes available and a range of colours including: Dark lime green, Lavender Blue, Ruby red, Pea green, Black/Graphite, Black/Turquoise, Black/Pink, Black/Green
  • LS07176 Crash tested

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SN Toy Show 2016 will take place at The Westgrove Hotel, Kildare on Sunday 13th November

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