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Disabled Sex equipment Tel 028 92 633 798

Disabled sex aids are now available throughout the UK and Ireland from John Preston Healthcare Group.

Over time we have been regularly asked by our customers about possible devices and equipment that will allow those with disabilities or limited mobility to enjoy physical intimacy with their partner.

Disabled Sex chair Tel 028 92 633 798

The Intimate Rider Love Chair package that we offer includes;

  • Intimate Rider
  • Rider Mate Bench
  • Intimate Rider cushion

Everything is sent to you in plain packaging and of course we offer free delivery on this great bit of kit.

What is the IntimateRider?

The IntimateRider is a small swing chair especially designed to offer a natural gliding motion that will improve sexual mobility. No motors or springs, just the movement of your upper torso is enoughh momentum needed to enhance sexual performance.

How does it work?

The IntimateRider’s sturdy steel frame sits firmly on the floor -Low center of gravity makes sexual positioning and transferring easy -Precise joint bearings allow the seat to swing naturally -Simply sit in the seat and start with a gental back and forth motion -Let the IntimateRider do the swaying

Who uses the IntimateRider:

Any couple will enjoy the easy movements of the IntimateRider. Couples that live with the effects of physical limitations will benefit the most from the IntimateRider.



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Intimate Rider Love Chair package

Disabled Sex equipment Tel 028 92 633 798

Intimate Rider has been helping those with disabilities or limited mobility to enjoy sex for years.

The Intimate Rider is comfortable to use and allows you the freedom to enjoy physical contact in whatever way suits you and your partner best.

It includes patented technology that offers you a wider range of motion – all with little effort as the rocking motion allows for thrusting.

The package we offer includes the Intimate Rider unit and the Rider Mate bench.

There is an additional cushion available as an additional accessory for those who also need this.

It will be delivered in plain packaging to you free of charge anywhere in the UK or Ireland