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Low profiling beds Northern Ireland are available from the experts at John Preston Healthcare.

We supply a range of low profiling beds designed for those at risk of falls and conditions such as dementia.

Check out the FloorBed™ range from Accora. FloorBed™ has all the profiling functions of a standard nursing bed.

Reducing bed falls is a top priority for many care homes. The FloorBed™ range is an innovative and cost effective solution of protecting users and illuminating injuries caused by bed falls.

Why FloorBed™?

  • Staff can deliver care with ease and safety due to the adjustable height features.
  • At just 7.1cm, FloorBed™  is a little higher than a tennis ball which greatly reduces the risk of injury from falls.
  • The bed and height combined is a total height of only 15cm which eliminates chances of injury from falls and side rails are not required.
  • With FloorBed™ there is no requirement for a crash mat.
  • Compatible with specialist mattress systems
  • Back rest/elevation and knee break
  • Assists with Independent transfers

We have a range of beds to suit many needs including:

FloorBed™1 – Adjustable nursing height of 64cm

FloorBed™1 Bariatric – Allows for additional user weight capacity of up to 50stone

FloorBed™1 Plus – weight capacity of up to 35stone and additional width of 150mm

FloorBed™2 – Adjustable to nursing height of 80 cm and reduced head and foot board heights.


Accora FloorBed™1


FloorBed™1 by Accora is the ultimate low bed at only 15cm high including the mattress thereby eliminating risk of falls from bed.

  • The total height of the bed with matress is only 15cm, meaning that the user rolls rather than falls from the bed, eliminating the possibility of injury
  • Sides rails are not required
  • There is no requirement for a crash mat
  • The adjustable height allows care staff to deliver full care with ease and safety
  • Max user weight of 24 Stone
  • Adjustable nursing height of 64cm

Accora FloorBed™1 Bariatric


Accora FloorBed™1 Bariatric allows for heavy weight (capacity of up to 50stone)

  • With a width of 1200mm this bed gives the space required for a larger user.
  • The user has more space to move which is essential for re-positioning themselves.
  • Width adjustable mattress guide
  • No trailing wires
  • Concealed wheels
  • Backrest/Knee break functions

Accora FloorBed™1 Plus


Accora FloorBed™1 has an additional 150mm (compared to the Floorbed 1)  width gives extra space required when turning.

  • It has has weight capacity of up to 35stone
  • Matress platform height of only 7.1cm.
  • Width adjustable mattress guide
  • No trailing wires
  • Concealed wheels
  • Backrest/Kneebreak functions
  • Additional 150mm width
  • Reduce the risk of bed falls for a person who is used to sleeping in a single bed

Accora FloorBed™2


Accora FloorBed™2 was designed to enable easy access for the carer with reduced head and foot board heights.

  • Safe working heights for carer – rasies to 80cm
  • Height of the head and footboard when FloorBed™2 is at full height is 1100mm
  • The low head and footboard enable access for tasks such as hair care and lower limb dressing.
  • Access to sliding sheets at the head or foot of the bed allowing single carer use to reposition a person up or down the bed
  • Width adjustable mattress guide
  • No trailing wires
  • Concealed wheels
  • Backrest/Kneebreak functions
  • Mattress height of just  7.1 cm!

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