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beach access mats

Beach access mats are available from the experts here at John Preston Healthcare.

The Mobi-Mat® RecPath beach access mat is an excellent product that creates safe accessibility for all visitors including those with disabilities.

It is suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams, bikes and much more.

Mobi-Mat® RecPath is lightweight and easy to install  for permanent or temporary beach access.

The most tear resistant and durable access mat on the market – originally designed for beach landing of Royal and US Marines corps!

This beach access mat is available in a range of lengths and can extend out into the water which makes it perfect for the Mobi Floating Beach Wheelchair.

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Key Features

• Permeable structure and 3D Design provides a comfortable surface for walking and smooth ride for wheelchair users

• Nonslip/ tear resistant

• The RecPath mat can extend into the water

• Suitable for permanent or temporary access

• The most durable and tear resistant access mat, originally designed for Royal and US Marines corps

• Environmentally friendly made from 100% recycled polyester

• Extremely low maintenance

beach access mats

See the Mobi-Mat® in Action




The RecPath mat makes a great pathway for many locations and events on whether that be on the beach, gravel, grass or snow!

 Hotel Beach Access

beach access mat

Dune Crossing

beach access mats

Grass, Gravel or even Snow!

beach access mat

Mobi-Mat® Around the World

Mobi-Mat® has been installed on beaches all over the world changing the lives of many individuals!

From the UK all the way to Honk Kong the Mobi-Mat® has enabled people with disabilities and even those with children to travel freely from land to sea with ease.

Mobi-Mat® is made from durable recycled polyester fiber which does not contaminate the environment or water.

Promoting accessible barrier-free leisure while being environmentally friendly, the Mobi-Mat® is a necessity for all beaches today ensuring everyone has equal access no matter their disability.

Check out some of the places around the globe that have introduced Mobi-Mat® to their beach, improving the lives of local people and visitors.

beach access mat

beach access mat

beach access mat

beach access mat

beach access mat

beach access mat

Mobi-Mat® offers an ad panel optional accessory ideal for temporary events or business sponsorship. Local businesses can get involved in your campaign for equal accessibility for all, it can be used to educate visitors about the fragile coastal ecosystems, or promoting an upcoming event. The ad-panel is easily connected and leaves no trace, preserving natural environments.

beach access mat

Mobi-Mat® RecPath Beach Access Mat

beach access mat