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physiotherapy equipment

We supply a wide range of Physiotherapy Equipment to UK and Ireland.

Check out the range from Kinetec, a well regarded manufacturer for physiotherapy equipment.

Our range includes CPM devices for rehabilitation therapy of the knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist and hip as well as the hot and cold pain relief products known as the Kinetec Kooler range.

You can see some of the featured products below or check out the full Kinetec range here!

Kinetec Prima Advance – Knee CPM

physiotherapy equipment

Kinetec Prima Advance is an excellent Knee CPM machine that is easy to use and extremely lightweight.

Ideal for physiotherapy use in hospitals and private homes

Compact for easy transportation at professional environment and storage at the users home.

With simple and straightforward adjustments it is very user friendly and the first choice for elderly people or patients with a visual impairment.

Uses a one-button remote control.

 Lightweight only 12 Kg

Kinetec Centura Lite – Shoulder CPM

physiotherapy equipment

Kinetec Centura Lite is an excellent solution to shoulder CPM therapy provided at home.

 Centura Light is extremely compact & lightweight

 Features the essential movements needed in rehabilitation therapy of shoulder

Evolution compliant

KINETEC DATA CAPTURE™ USB technology ready for patient feedback

Available in choice of 1 or 2 motors.

Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM

physiotherapy equipment

Designed to provide anatomically correct motion to the ankle and rear foot.

It can be used in bed or while sitting in a chair.

Equipped with a digital remote control that provides a precise yet clear feedback to the patient.

The remote control features a locking system preventing misuse and enhancing patient safety.

We have a range of optional accessories available to suit the patients individual needs.

Kinetec Kooler Range – Pain Relief

Instant Cold Pack

FOR-WEB-Kinetec Kooler Instant cold pack-3-HD-CMJN

Arctic Breeze Spray


Artic Breeze Gel

for-web-Kinetec Kooler - Arktic Gel Tube-HD-CMJN

Instant Hot Pack

for-web-Kinetec Kooler Instant Hot Pack (3) RVB