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Rio Dragonfly wheelchair hand cycle

Joe Hagan takes his new Rio Dragonfly for a spin

We were delighted to supply another Rio Dragonfly hand cycle attachment here in Northern Ireland to Joe Hagan.

Joe was just pipped in the race around our yard by Managing Director trying out the new Genny Segway Wheelchair!

The Rio Dragonfly is a powerful attachment which clips onto your wheelchair and converts it to a hand cycle and great exercise device.

Not only is it great fun, it can help reduce stress and strain on the users shoulders – particularly on long trips or up steep gradients.

The attachment itself is light, easy to attach and when attached fits securely to the chair.

The Dragonfly fits on most rigid frame wheelchairs and even some folding frame wheelchairs.

The standard pack includes both a set of 1 inch and 1.25 inch clamps.

We also offer 1.125 inch clamps and oval shaped clamps for the likes of the  Quickie Helium and the Quickie Argon models.

Please contact us to discuss compatibility with your current wheelchair.

Key Features

  • 8 speed transmissions
  • Lightweight design
  • Dual Braking system
  • Weight 11.4kg
  • Maximum weight 130kg

Clamps and shims included in your package:

– Various sizes of clamps ( 1.25 inch / 1.2 inch / 1 1/8 inch / 7/8 inch )
– 4 x small shims
– 4 x medium shims
– 4 x large shims
What clamp and shim to use for each tube size:
                     Tube size:                                               Clamp and Shim                        
                           1.25″                                  Clamp
                           1.2″        Clamp + 1 x extra small shim ( thinnest shim )
                           1 1/8″                         Clamp + small shim
                           1″                         Clamp + medium shim
                           7/8″ tube                         Clamp + large shim ( thickest shim )
We highly recommend that you email us photos of your wheelchair to us so that we can help ascertain the suitability of this product.
We are product Experts with many years experience of supply suitable aids and equipment.

We are the experts for wheelchair attachments in Belfast, Northern Ireland and throughout Ireland and if the Dragonfly is not right for your unique needs we are sure we can help advise what you might consider for your own circumstances.

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Rio Dragonfly wheelchair hand cycle

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