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We spotted a Configura Riser Recliner on the BBC news last night on a brilliant story featuring Gladys Hooper – the oldest woman in the UK!

Gladys has just turned 113 and lives on the Isle of Wight – incredibly she had a hip replacement last year when she was 112 setting the record for the oldest person to go through that surgery.

Gladys celebrated her birthday with friends and relatives and enjoyed tea and cake. She was born in 1903 in London and was the oldest of six siblins. She was a concert pianist and started a car hire business back in the 1920’s.

She is obviously an amazing woman and now lives at Highfield Nursing Home.

You can see the BBC news story here – all imagery copyright of BBC/PA

Gladys is seen sitting in a Configura Riser Recliner which is a highly configurable rise and recline chair.

Configura Riser Recliner product information:

The big advantage of the Configura chair is that a therapist can proscribe a bespoke system for the user without having the expense of a made-to-measure chair.

Lots of things can be changed on the Configura Riser Recliner to satisfy the unique needs of the user including;

  • Choice of backrests
  • Choice of lateral supports
  • Interchangeable pressure relief cushions
  • Seat height
  • Seat depth
  • Armrest height
  • Legrest laterals

It can be ordered with either a PVC vinyl or in a brown velour fabric and can be powered a single motor or a dual motor.

The Configura Riser Recliner is suitable for;

·         Ambulant, semi-ambulant and non-ambulant users
·         Moderate postural requirements
·         Accommodation and encouragement of good posture
·         Users at some risk of pressure damage
·         Users with Neurological conditions
·         Users with a Kyphosis
·         Users with oedemas legs and/or fluid build-up

Not appropriate for:

·         Demanding postural requirements
·         Users with fixtures and contractures
·         Users with a limited extension at the knees
·         Users who need to be transported from room to room
·         Bariatric users

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