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Akvolito baby bath / shower chair, Green - Brand New with FREE delivery to UK and Ireland.

A supportive bath chair for children with special needs. 

Key features

    • Foam covers on the frame to protect your bathtub.
    • Lightweight and compact for easy storage and transportation.
    • Equipped with seat belts to protect your child.
    • Head support equipped with adjustable pelottes.
    • Trunk support and lower limbs support  to adopt correct position.
    • Fully adjustable head/leg and trunk stabilizers for your childs needs.
    • Made from waterproof polyamide netting.
    • Height adjustable.
    • Pipes are filled with PU foam so water will not leak when you remove it from your bath or shower.


akvolito baby


Measurement Symbol Unit Size: Baby
Product Width A cm 35
Seat depth / lower leg length         B+C2          cm         41
Backrest height C+C1 cm 41
Backrest tilt angle Z1 º 90-180
Max user weight kg 25
Indicative user height cm 55-75
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