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This is not currently available - check out the Foldachair Auto model here

The Airwheel H3S automatic folding wheelchair opens and closes by pressing just one button and also features an innovative remote control using your smartphone.

You can use your smartphone to open your Airwheel H3S from across the room and use your phone to drive the Airwheel H3S over to you.

After transferring into the Airwheel H3S you simply control the speed and direction with the easy to use joystick.

It offers a comfortable and smooth ride and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The range is 20km / 12.4 miles.

See the automatic folding operation and use of the bluetooth remote control in this helpful video;

The Airwheel H3S can be used both inside and outside and the controls can be easily changed between the left side and the right side.

The armrests are easy to use and allow for easy transfer on and off your wheelchair.

The cushion is soft and comfortable and made from washable, high grade, breathable fabric. A seat belt is included for your safety and comfort.

It can also be pushed manually should you so choose, or need if you have run out of power.

Airwheel H3S Specification:

    • Height: 980mm
    • Length: 1100mm
    • Width: 630mm
    • Seat width: 45cm / 17.7"
    • Seat depth:45cm / 17.7"
    • Armrest to ground: 78cm
    • Cushion to ground: 54cm
    • Distance between wheels: 57cm
    • Distance between axles: 67cm
    • Ground clearance: 11cm
    • Range: 20km / 12.5 miles
    • Unit weight: 29.5kg with battery removed / 33kg with battery included
    • Tyre Size: Front wheel 8in Rear wheel 12.5in
    • Maximum user weight: 130kg / 20.5 stone
    • Max.Climbing Angle: About 8 degrees
    • Standard Max. Speed:6km/h / 4mph
    • Battery:Lithium 25.2 volts / 524 Wh
    • Applicable Temperature:-15°C~50°C
    • Charging time: Approx 5 hours
    • Frame material: Aluminium alloy 6061
    • Turning radius: 1.2 metres

Footplate info:

There are three height adjustments for the foot plate and the foot plate features anti skid material for comfort and safety. The footrest size is 300mm long x 180mm wide

Folded dimensions:

  • Folded length: 89cm - not including controller which is easily removed
  • Folded width: 62cm
  • Folded height: 40cm



Further info:

    • Rated Power - 200W*2
    • Front Wheel - 8 inch
    • Rear Wheel - 12.5 inch, inflatable tyre
    • Over-Obstacle Capacity - <40mm
    • Trench Crossing Capacity - <100mm
    • Reduction Gearbox worm and gearreduction ratio - 1: 32
    • Motor - Dual-drive brush motor with clutch pull rod. Power: 200W; voltage: 24V; revolving speed: 3776rpm

Fitting your Airwheel H3S in your car:

Some users are capable of lifting this weight into the car boot manually and some people achieve this by leaning their wheelchair against the boot of the car and lifting it in by pivoting - this means you are not lifting the full weight.

Many users already have a hoist fitted to their car or utilise ramps as needed.

We can help discuss and plan for this by phone - just call our helpful and friendly team anytime on 028 92 67 70 77

Controlling your Airwheel H3S:

The joystick controller is incredibly easy to use. You can open and close your Airwheel H3S from the controller and this can be placed on your left or right hand side.

Your Airwheel H3S will automatically brake when you you don't touch the controller.

Safety features:

- When travelling down hill, the Airwheel H3S decelerates when you are not touching the controller - thus bringing the chair to a stop.

- There is always enough charge reserved to fold the Airwheel H3S one final time

- When reversing - HS3 will automatically beep to notify those around you and to ensure safety

- Headlight inlcuded to aid safety in poor light

- Horn included and can be sounded to make others aware of your presence

- Seat belt included as standard

- Can be free wheeled if required

The Battery Management System ensures safety and a number of in-built protections;

- Over voltage protection included

- Over charging protection included

- Current limiting protection included

- Over current protection included

- Short circuit protection included

- Temperature protection included

- Anti-counter flow protection included

Information regarding the Airwheel APP:

The Airwheel APP has been developed by the manufacturers to work with the Airwheel H3S. It is available for all smart phones - both Apple phones and Android based phones.

It connects with your Airwheel H3S via a wireless connection and allows you to;

- Display speed, mileage and power level in real time

- Change some settings including maximum speed

- Fault find

- Check GPS and view your journey map

We offer free home demonstrations of the Airwheel H3S throughout the UK and Ireland - just call us anytime to arrange on 028 92 67 70 77
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