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We have a special offer on our THERA-Trainer Tigo 508 ex display model.

The Thera trainer Tigo 508 is a high Class exerciser for legs and upper body.

Includes foot rests with steeples radius adjustment, leg support, foot- fixings,device base with castors, tip- up protection, upper body exerciser with long cranks, grip adapters, therapy grips, wristband for therapy grips/ safety handle, control and display unit with 5,7″ colour screen.

The Tigo range of trainers – are multifunctional leg and arm exercisers that can be tailored to suit individual disability needs. Can be used from your armchair or wheelchair. The Tigo trainers come equipped with control and display unit with colour screen including touch-functions as well as many adjustable features and supports.

The range is extensive and each model can be tailored to suit individual disability needs and ranges, and provides workout for a variety of people including wheelchair users.

Thera trainer objectives: 

  • Improve coordination
  • Improve posture
  • Improve cognitive abilities
  • Alleviate pain
  • Exercise muscular strength
  • Increase endurance
  • Maintain your mobility
  • Stimulate bodily functions

Can be helpful for a range of conditions such as Multiple, Sclerosis, Muscular Dystropy, Stroke, Spinal Injury, Head Injury, rheumatic disorders, Parkinsons Disease, Paraplegia, Tetraplegia, Orthopaedic disorders, postoperative therapy and a range of other neurological conditions.

These trainers offer effective exercise in all phases of rehabilitation and gently encourage mobility to help patients achieve their therapy goals.

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THERA-Trainer Tigo 508 ex display model


Base unit

The base unit consists of robust and long-lasting metal frames with environmentally friendly blue powder coating. The base unit THERATrainer tigo is additionally equipped with a 240 watt electric motor that provides sufficient power reserves and harmonic rotation.

Device base unit 

The pull-out device base with transport castors increases the stability of the THERA-Trainer tigo. The extended base is especially helpful when using the upper body exerciser. The 74 mm transport castors allow moving the exerciser smoothly and without difficulties.

Self-operable tip-up protection Most customers can use the self-operable tip-up protection without help. The plastic-coated hooks are simply attached to the chair or wheelchair. The tip-up protection protects the chair /wheelchair from tipping over, e.g. in case of sudden stretch spasm. The distance between chair /wheelchair and exerciser is secured.

Foot fixing / leg support

The foot rests are made of wear- and shock-resistant plastic. They are easy to clean and sanitize. A safety edge and grip surface offer safe support in the foot rests. The stepless radius adjustment with tools allows adjusting the crank radius and thus the range of motion to individual requirements. The crank radius is adjustable between 65 – 115 mm without steps.

The leg support guides weak or paralysed legs. Its height can be adjusted to different leg lengths. The cushion prevents pressure marks and is washable and sanitizable. Flexible mounting enables natural movement of the ankles.

For quick securing of the feet without help, the foot fixings are equipped with positionable cushions. Gentle pressure is sufficient for opening or closing the fixings. The cushion prevents pressure marks and is washable and sanitizable.

Safety handle / upper body exerciser 

The upper body exerciser permits passive and active exercise of the entire upper body and is equipped with a 100 watt electric motor. Height and inclination of the upper body exerciser are adjustable. The soft-glide adjustment also permits adjusting the distance of the upper body exerciser to the user (horizontal). The upper body exerciser is equipped with plug-in therapy grips.

Thanks to the grip adapters, it’s no trouble at all to turn the upper body exerciser into a safety handle. That way, safety is guaranteed when doing leg exercises.

Control / display units 

This high-resolution 115×86 mm colour screen can be used as a cost-efficient alternative to the 10.4″ colour screen with touch function. In the sub menu, you can preset exercise parameters and select simple biofeedback illustrations.

THERA-Trainer Tigo 508 special offer








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