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Stairclimbers, Scotland available from the experts at Fast Aid Medical & Mobility part of the John Preston Healthcare Group.

We have been supplying stairclimbers to private clients, local authorities and the Health Service for a number of years. We carry out assessments throughout Scotland where the construction of the building makes a stair lift very difficult to install.

Stairclimbers are a core product to our portfolio and we offer specialist training and maintenance that allows users to trainined and confident in using the products.

We exclusively supply both AAT and Alber stairclimbers. The range includes;

The stairclimbers are suitable almost any surface, climbing all types of stairs including spiral staircases.
There are varying weight limitations on the products – we have industrial stairclimblers suitable for commercial premises.

For those looking a more portable stairclimber we have models you can simply attach to your wheelchair with the quick-locking device – ideal for transporting in your car.

You can check out full information below on our range of Stairclimbers or get in touch with us on 0131 440 3929 to have a chat with our Product Specialist.

Alber Scalamobil S35 Stairclimber


The Alber Scalamobil S35 Stairclimber effortlessly climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge Supports loads up to 120 kg and can be used to tackle narrow and spiral staircases.

  • This excellent piece of equipment effortlessly climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge.
  • It supports loads up to 120 kg and can be used to tackle narrow and spiral staircases.
  • Stairs are not subject to damage or wear, thanks to the intelligent climbing system.
  • Four automatic brakes for maximum safety can be fitted to most manual wheelchairs. It has patented safety sensors.
  • Also available with push-chair or integrated seat unit. Simply attach scalamobil to the wheelchair with the quick-locking device.
  • It is ideal for transporting by car, so steps and stairways encountered on your journey are no longer an obstacle.

Check out the Alber Scalamobil S35 in action

AAT S-Max Sella Stairclimber


The Stairclimber S-Max Sella you can solve the problem of staircases effortlessly and elegantly.

This device makes the user mobile everywhere and at all times.

Suitable on virtually all types of stairs, inside as well as outside. It is particularly manoeuvrable and comfortable since the seat is integrated in the s-max.

  • For transporatation and storage, it is easily foldable or disassembled.
  • Solves the problem of mobility everywhere
  • Works on virtually all types of stairs, including spiral stairs, narrow staircases, inside the home and outside.
  • Fits into virtually all cars, either folded or disassembled.
  • Takes up little space in the home
  • Uniquely able to manage both directly seated passengers and those unable to transfer from their wheelchair
  • Training package included

Have a look at the S-Max Sella stairclimber in action

AAT S-Max Stairclimber


The S-Max allows users to conquer stairs inside or outside safely and comfortably in their own wheelchair.

  • The reliable stair climbing system lends itself for all kinds of stair coverings.
  • Operation is particularly easy for little physical effort.
  • Thanks to its compact measurements and low weight, the S-Max is ideal for trasnportation and storage.
  • The new “smart- step” function makes operation exceptionally easy, comfortable and particularly safe.
  • The climber sets down gently reducing shifts in weight.
  • Climbing speed is individually adjustable to adapt to various climbing situations.
  • It can be used on particularly narrow stairways and even winding stairs.

See the S-Max stairclimber in action

AAT C-Max Stairclimber


The C-Max allows you to overcome even narrow stairs or other obstacles inside as well as outdoors.

  • The patented climbing kinematics practically take over the climbing process.
  • The C-Max requires very little physical effort from the operator.
  • Lightweight and easily dismantled – the C-Max is perfect for transportation and storage purposes.
  • Known for its excellent safety features, the C-Max brakes stop automatically on the edge of each step and robust climbrs set down close to the step. This guarantees steady footing for simple handling and avoids damaging the stairs edges,
  • Suitable for all kinds of stair coverings such as wood, stone, metal, PVC or carpet.
  • For maximum comfort the speed is selected by the user and single step mode can be activated if required.

See the C-Max stairclimber in action

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